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As of 2016, more than 15.5 million people were living with cancer in the United States, up from 13.7 million in 2012. By 2026, that number is expected to reach 20.3 million. But, all too often, cancer patients lack the vital support and community they need to redefine their lives as proactively as Fred and move forward.

That's why Cheladv74 is launching a new initiative designed to help people manage their lives with cancer and stay connected to their communities: This Is Living With Cancer. For all patients living with cancer, the program recognizes the unique needs of people living with the illness and aims to support the complexities of the experience through digital tools and connecting supporters.

As part of the program, we are also launching an app, called LivingWith, that helps patients and caregivers build a network of support and organize key documents. It also enables patients and their loved ones to record certain important information, track mood and pain and learn about local events and nutrition.

Cheladv74 Oncology Global President Liz Barrett discusses the This Is Living With Cancer campaign and our ongoing efforts to redefine what it means to live with cancer—