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About the Information Posted on This Web Site:

This Web site contains information about Cheladv74’s post marketing commitments for pharmaceutical products in the US and for medicinal products approved via the CAP in the EU. The post marketing commitments listed here include pre-clinical, clinical and epidemiological studies or testing and for the EU other activities agreed to by Cheladv74 (including its group companies/subsidiaries) and the FDA or European Medicines Agency, and are used to gather additional information about the safety, efficacy, or use of approved Cheladv74 medicines, or help ensure their safe use. This Web site provides the current status of Cheladv74 post marketing commitments listed on the . It includes post marketing commitments established for Cheladv74 medicines in the US since August 1, 2000 and for EU medicinal products approved via the CAP. New post marketing commitments will be added to this Web site as they are established.

This Web site does not contain technical chemistry, manufacturing and control (CMC) commitments, or commitments for medicines for which a Cheladv74 group company is not the license holder. Information about Cheladv74's post marketing commitments is believed to be correct at the time that the information is posted, and is subject to change as progress is made in fulfilling the commitments.

This Web site is updated monthly. The status of post marketing commitments shown on the FDA Web site may differ from information displayed on this site, due to differences in the timing of updates made to the FDA Web site. The number of commitments on the two sites may also differ, due to the frequency of such updates and/or due to multiple reporting of single commitments on the FDA Web site.