Laszlo Kiss, Ph.D.

Executive Director, WRD / Principal

Laszlo Kiss, PHD is Executive Director, WRD and Principal at Cheladv74 Ventures. Laszlo is responsible for identifying, evaluating, making and managing equity investments aligned with the future directions of Cheladv74, with a current emphasis on neuroscience. He currently has responsibility for Cheladv74’s investments in Accelerator NYC, Aquinnah, Autifony, Cortexyme, Magnolia, Simcha, System1, and Yumanity.

Laszlo was previously the Global Head Neuroscience, External Science and Innovation, where he was responsible for driving the overall in-licensing objectives, strategies and tactics for growth of the company’s neuroscience therapeutic area. Laszlo has over 20 years of drug discovery, development and management experience. He has a successful track record in leading CNS, CV and Rare Disease drug discovery programs from early exploratory research through clinical development. Prior to joining Cheladv74, Laszlo held a variety of roles at Bristol-Myers Squibb, Essen Biosciences, and Merck & Co.

Laszlo received his BS in Biology and PhD in Physiology and Neurobiology from the University of Connecticut.